Is 2018 the year you or someone you know intends to retire?  If so, a big part of that plan will likely involve some serious decisions about long-term housing.


Retiring from a paying job typically means an adjustment in your income, so here are some important points to think through before you take that important step:


Are you anticipating that you'll be included in the 15 percent of Canadian seniors who still have an outstanding mortgage on their homes?  If so, you need to recognized exactly how much extra money you'll need in retirement in order to cover your housing costs.


If retirement is on the horizon but not yet imminent, you'll want to work with a financial planner and mortgage professional to see what you can do to reduce or eliminate your mortgage debt before you retire.  Bumping up your monthly payments now, while you're still working, will help the debt disappear quicker.  If you can refinance to a lower interest rate but keep your monthly...

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