The weather outside is frighening... so why is your car suffering the elements on the driveway, while your junk sits protected and cozy inside your garage?  don't wait for spring cleaning-pull on some gloves, crank up your playlist and head into the garage to toss what you don't need, organize what you do need, and clear the way for a protected envioronment for your vehicle.

Garages tend to be a catch-all of all the clutter that nobody wants to trip over inside the house.  So step one is to sort all like-items together to get a handle on what the heck you have in that garage, anyway.  Chances are you have lots of duplicates of things you don't even need one of, things that you might be able to donate or even sell online to someone who actualy does need it.


Once you purge and can see the light (and the floor), then it's time to organize the remaining items.


Install shelving as needed, and take advantage of all vertical space to store frequently used items; if...

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